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Holiday Fun

Schools around the Snowflake Unified School District were full of Christmas activity and fun during the month of December. Please enjoy these photos of our holiday spirit.

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School Day on April 17

April 17, 2020, is now a school day. It was originally marked as a snow day. We have used that snow day, so we will have school on April 17. Please make any adjustments to your calendar.

CC LaGrange to Retire

Saying goodbye is always hard. Technology Director CC LaGrange has been with the Snowflake School District for fifteen years. We are very excited for her new endeavors (retirement), but we will miss her dearly. As always, she took care of us and made sure we had a very qualified person to replace her. Mr. Sam Sheffer will join the Snowflake Unified School District. We are extremely excited to have him aboard. Thank you for everything, CC. We wish you the very best!

CC LaGrange Retirement
    Beyond Textbooks Incentive Contest
    Chelsey Anchondo

    Beyond Textbooks recently sponsored an incentive contest where all partner teachers who uploaded a lesson plan with accompanying resources since July 1 had their names entered for a chance to win.

    Snowflake Unified School District would like to congratulate Chelsey Anchondo for winning the contest. Ms. Anchondo has been uploading lesson plans since the beginning of the year.

    We are very proud of all of our teachers and staff for their hard work and dedication. It is exciting to work with so many good people who are helping to create more good people.

    It's an A Rating for Snowflake

    We are pleased to announce that the Snowflake School District has earned an A label for two years in a row! Congratulations to the following schools for earning their A label:

    • Snowflake High School
    • Snowflake Junior High School
    • Snowflake Intermediate School
    • Taylor Intermediate School