Student Services

At Snowflake Unified School District #5, our faculty, staff, and administration dedicate themselves to helping and ensuring student success in the classroom. Please utilize our Student Services page to learn about the different services our district offers to improve student success.

Educational Services
Special Education
Special Education Programs

Student Services Staff

Cindy Peterson
Student Services Director

Lesa James
Administrative Assistant

Marcelene Camou
School Psychologist

Scott Flake
School Psychologist

Melody Betancourt
Psychologist Secretary

Jill Lewis
Mental Health Specialist

Jacque Allen
Physical Therapist

Cheryl Barnes
Vision Teacher

Debi Bennett
Speech Therapist

Sandi Ferrell
Related Services Secretary

Speech Pathologist

Connie Worth
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)

Jay Brashear
Occupational Therapist

Dan Rowles
Speech Pathologist

Kimberly Frigard
Speech Therapist