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Hoop Shoot Contest

The Elks Lodge district Hoop Shoot took place on December 8, 2018, and three of the six winners attend Snowflake Intermediate School. Trey Montgomery, Merrick Ulberg, and Kenadi Stuart each won their age group and are moving on to the regional Hoop Shoot in Camp Verde. All three students are also good citizens and do well in their academics. Congratulations, students!

students holding their trophies
1993 3A State Football Championship team Recognized

Men from the 1993 3A State Football Championship team pose on a football fieldSnowflake High School was invited to the 3A State Championship game at Campo Verde High School on Friday, November 23, where Yuma Catholic played Northwest Christian for this year's title (NW Christian beat Yuma Catholic 40-37 in triple overtime)!

During the halftime, the players and coaches from our team were introduced/recognized as members of the 1993 State Champions for 3A (25 year anniversary).

Those able to attend this year included: DL Brewer, Will Flake, Sam Flake, Jace Green, Cameron LaDuke, JR Stratton, Stewart Smith, Andy Rivas, Tony Rivas, Coach Steve Schneider, and Neil Westover.

Coolidge also had past players who were also recognized as the 3A champs for the 1943 season (50th Anniversary)!

Fifth Grade Geography Competition

The whole fifth grade class at Snowflake Intermediate competed in a States and Capitals Kahoot Challenge! 

Fifth grade class wearing their competition medals
David Brimhall 3A East Player of the Year

We would like to congratulate David Brimhall as 3A East Player of the Year! Congratulations!

David Brimhall - Snowflake 3A East Player of the Year
Kay Solomon 3A East Coach of the Year

We would like to congratulate Kay Solomon as 3A East Coach of the Year! Congratulations!

Kay Solomon - Snowflake 3A East Coach of the Year
Snowflake USD Receives an A

Click to view moreSnowflake Unified School District is an all A district. We are so proud of our administrators, teachers, students, and parents and all their hard work. This is such a group effort, and it has really paid off. Below is the article that Kevin Carney from Vail mentioned us in.

AzMERIT Results Are In
What Are You Doing to Improve Your Game?

"I remember the great Magic Johnson beating the Celtics in Game 4 of the 1987 NBA Finals with a "junior sky-hook" shot.

One reason I remember it is because he shared in the post-game interview that he had been working on that "junior sky-hook" all season long as something to add to his arsenal and improve his game. 

That always stuck with me - that someone at the pinnacle of success would still work on ways to get better at his craft. 

I share this because as I look at the image of the Vail USD high school administrators and teachers working together in a recent "Data Dig" of AzMERIT results, I see that same spirit of Magic Johnson at play. 

In a school district where 89% of the 19 schools are "A" rated, these educators are coming together - working on their "game" - trying to make improvements - all in the spirit of getting better.

I saw the same thing at another Data Dig where the Snowflake School District was working on ways to improve, despite learning just a week prior that all of their schools are now "A" rated schools.

Vail and Snowflake are two of the many BT partners whose AzMERIT scores resulted in "A" schools or improved letter grades.

Congratulations to all schools who are feeling positive about their results.

That said, whether you are an "A" rated school or not, it is good and healthy to remember...

As such, I hope you will notice and take advantage of the multiple opportunities to work on our "game" that are included in this newsletter.

If we can assist in any way, through the advertised BT workshops or other avenues, we are willing and honored to do so.

Thank you for your continued partnership."

Kevin Carney
Executive Director
Beyond Textbooks
Vail Unified School District
(520) 879.3961 

Principal Hatch and Bees

Did you know that Principal Hatch is also an amateur bee keeper? Principal Hatch went to both Taylor Elementary and Highland Primary to teach our kindergarten classes about bees. He taught the students about the life cycle of bees and the importance of bees to humans. He even let the students taste the honey that came from his bees! Yum! Everyone was buzzing with excitement. Thank you, Principal Hatch for an unbelievable time!

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