Native American Education Services

Snowflake Unified School District’s Native American Education Program receives funding from Title VII and Johnson-O’Malley. The purpose of the funding is to meet the unique academic and cultural needs of our Native American/Alaska Native students. Areas of focus include reading, math, attendance, dropout prevention, and tribal/cultural history.

The goal of the Native American Education Services is to supplement current and existing programs as well as provide resources that are available at Snowflake Unified School District and within the community.

The Native American Education Department operates with assistance from our local Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and Native American Education Committee (NEC), which are comprised of parents/guardians of enrolled Native American students within our district. The NEC and PAC advise the Native American education coordinator with implementation and direction of the Snowflake USD Native American Education Program.

Please make sure to check our calendar (below) for an up-to-date list of events and meetings.


We provide tutoring services on a daily basis at the following schools: Snowflake Intermediate, Highland Primary, and Taylor Elementary. Snowflake Intermediate will offer after-school tutoring. The Native American Education Department is working on the days and times. Please check back for more information as we continue into the school year.


Eligibility for a student to receive services is as follows:

  • Students must be Native American or a descendant of Native American.
  • Students must be enrolled with Snowflake Unified School District.
  • A Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) and/or 506 forms must be on file with the Snowflake USD Native American Education Department.

Recent Program News

Monthly NEC Meetings Start in August

The 2017-2018 NEC meetings will begin in August. They will be on the first Wednesday of each month at the Snowflake District office beginning at 6:00 p.m. You can also find them listed on the Native American Education Services calendar. We encourage parents to attend these meetings!

Native American Services Staff

Pat Evans

Native American Education Services Calendar