Maintenance Services

Keeping our schools safe and clean is the first priority of our maintenance department. This hard-working group labors behind the scenes, performing a myriad of indispensable services including custodial, facilities and equipment maintenance, and grounds-keeping.

Our maintenance crew understands that students learn and feel better when they are educated in a clean, orderly, and secure environment. We know we can count on our maintenance team to keep everything running smoothly.

Exciting New Project

We have an exciting new project in the works! Please take a moment to enjoy our sneak peek photographs.

Man looking at school signMan operating forklift in front of schoolLobo statue in front of school sign

Thank You, Maintenance

Click to view more photos of the football field sidewalk repairs

Our maintenance crew has been busy. They made the junior high football field handicap-accessible and completed cement repairs at Taylor Intermediate. Maintenance keeps this district in shape! 

Special Recognition

It takes a lot to keep a school running from educating students to making sure each room has heat in the winter. We are fortunate to have a fantastic maintenance crew that has gone above and beyond to keep our wonderful schools up and running. We want to give them special recognition and say thanks for all the work that they do.

Completed Projects

  • New handrails and mini steps - Snowflake High School bleachers
  • View more photos of the completed bathroomsHighland Primary bathrooms are finally done. We want to thank all those involved. We want to thank the students, staff, and parents for being patient through it all.
    • Woodruff Construction: General Contractor
    • Hardcore Construction: Concrete
    • MP Electrical
    • Double J Flooring
    • Above the Rim Plumbing
    • Snowflake Unified District Maintenance

Maintenance Staff

Darren Perkins
Maintenance Administrator

Nate Click
Maintenance Tech

Keith Fish
Maintenance Tech

Cliff Crow
Maintenance Tech

Ray McCray
Maintenance Tech

Mike Quimby
Maintenance Tech

Stephanie Stevens
Warehouse/Maintenance Coordinator

Connie Begay
Custodian - All Schools

Nathan Cornell
Lead Custodian/Maintenance Tech

Carma Parks

Marianne Crow
Snowflake Junior High School Custodian

Josh Denetso
Snowflake High School Custodian

Irma Acosta
Junior High Custodian

Lazaro Aguilar
Highland Primary Custodian

Hernan Aguilar
Snowflake Intermediate Custodian

Matilda Yazzie
Junior High Custodian

Chuck Teaford
Taylor Elementary Custodian

Mrs. Denesto
Taylor Intermediate Custodian