SUSD #5 Governing Board

School board members are everyday people in our community, elected to this position by public vote. The school board assists the district in planning, budgeting, and implementing school programs.

Our governing board meetings are always open to the public. We will hold our 2019–2020 meetings at 5:00 p.m. Please view our meeting schedule for this upcoming year. Meeting agendas are available on this page, in the Snowflake Herald newspaper, and on the bulletin board outside the district office at 682 School Bus Lane, Snowflake, Arizona, 85937. We love to have our community join in the betterment of our school!

SUSD Governing Board Members

Carole Owens
Board President

About Carole Owens

I was born and raised in Shumway, Arizona. I still live there, which I swore I would never do to my children because it was so far out of town. But, I love it and I love the small town goodness of the people there. We raise all six of our children there, all of whom have gone to school in the Snowflake School District, with our youngest set to graduate in a few years.

I love to stay busy and active. Some of my favorite hobbies are canning, which is probably an addiction, traveling around the world, spending time with my family, especially my grandchildren, and volunteering at different functions. I loved my time coaching Special Olympics.

I attended all of my years of schooling in the Snowflake School Distrct, beginning in kindergarten at the Taylor Elementary School. I then attended Snowflake Jr. High and graduated from Snowflake High School. I love my experience in the school district and I love the experiences my children have also had in our schools.

Along with serving on the school board, I serve on the hospital foundation board for Summit Healthcare Medical Center, the Navajo Country, and the Town of Taylor Election Boards. I am also on the Town of Taylor Special Events Committee and have served as the Annual Sweet Corn Festival Chairperson for the last 20 years. Along with my husband and family, we enjoy doing benefit fundraisers for people in need throughout our communities.

I enjoy being on the school board because it helps me to keep a perspective of what is happening in the lives of our children. I want to help and give our school children the best education possible and that comes from serving and paying attention to their needs.


Cory Johnson
Board Vice President

About Cory Johnson

My name is Cory Johnson. I am the youngest child of Dee and Janice Johnson and husband to Rikki Reidhead. After ten years of marriage we were finally blessed with a baby girl, Jenna. I graduated from Snowflake High School in 1996 and received a civil engineering degree from Arizona State University in 2003. Currently, I work as a rancher and enjoy team roping in my spare time.

There was a great deal of emphasis put on education in our home as I was growing up. Both of my parents were educators and my father was a principal for twelve years. College was not an option but was part of my life plan. It was that deep seeded love for learning that propelled me onto the school board.

As the world progresses and becomes more advanced, I would like to ensure that the students of today are able to not only compete in the job market, but to excel. John F. Kennedy said, "Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resource." I would like to see our students be able to continually learn. I would like for SUSD to give them the basis the excel as a student, conquer the workforce, and be productive citizens of this great nation.


Shea Flake
Board Member

About Shea Flake

I graduated from Snowflake High School in 1986 and have spent my whole life here in Snowflake except for a few years while I was away in college or serving a church mission. My family, the Flakes, have been here since my great great grandpa helped establish Snowflake.

My wife, Yvette, grew up in Taylor and graduated a year after I did. We have six children, three of whom have also graduated from Snowflake.

I am in my third term as a board member and have loved serving the students, staff, and these wonderful communities. While we have accomplished some great things over the past nine years such as improving technology in our classrooms, aligning the curriculum throughout the district, and increasing safety measures, we still have lots to do. One thing I hope to help improve is a better relationship/communication between the schools and the parents. No matter how good our district is, we cannot succeed in giving our kids the education they deserve without the help and support of the parents.


Wendy McVicker
Board Member

About Wendy McVicker

My name is Wendy McVicker. I graduated from Barry Goldwater High School in 1991 in Phoenix. I attended college at both Phoenix College and Arizona State University. I graduated from ASU in 2003 with a BS in accountancy. My husband, Nick McVicker, and I moved to Taylor in January 2011. Prior to moving, I worked for Pinal County Government in the budget office for eight years as a senior budget analyst. Since moving to Taylor, I have had the pleasure of volunteering at Taylor Elementary as well as Taylor Intermediate. I also volunteered time with the Snowflake-Taylor Youth Football League. I enjoy volunteering and giving back to the community. I have found that community of Snowflake-Taylor is a great place to live and raise our three children.

In addition to serving on the school board, I serve on the Northern Pioneer College Friends and Family Board and currently serve as treasurer.

I am very excited to serve on the Snowflake Unified School District. This district has been able to accomplish great things, one being the recent label of “A” by the Arizona Department of Education for all schools in the district that received a label. This is an exciting time to be involved in education in Snowflake, and I am honored to be a part of it.


Carol Palmer
Board Member

About Carol Palmer

I was born and raised here and have a deep love for this school district. My husband and I, our children, and now our grandchildren, have attended school here. I have been given so much and feel a need to give back to this community I love. Serving on the school board is one way I can do that. It is my desire to help keep our schools a place where good moral values and education work together to better our future generations. I believe strong values and strong traditions make a strong community. Once a Lobo, always a Lobo. I bleed Blue.